Flow Guard Gutter Covers by FlexxPoint

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"The last gutter cover you will ever need, guaranteed!"

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FlexxPoint Gutter Covers are now available in Thermal Thaw Black!

Now Available in Two Profiles!

Flow Guard is available in two easy to install profiles! Flow Guard High Clearance (shown below) has been specifically designed for easy installation on gutter systems with high profile gutter mounting brackets.

Flow Guard high profile configuration


You bet! Flow Guard is easy to install, effortless to maintain, and performs year after year.


Absolutely! Flow Guard Gutter Cover Systems manufactures Flow Guard for standard commercial gutters, too.

Attention: Contractors

We're ready, willing, and able to provide Flow Guard Gutter Covers in the quantity and quality you need. Combine the ease of installation with the value of Flow Guard, and you'll appreciate our gutter covers even more!

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Made in USA
Viet Nam veteran owned company


Flow Guard Gutter Cover system installed on home.FlexxPoint
is now Flow Guard!

Our Flow Guard gutter cover systems still have the same proven FlexxPoint design with its unparalleled 50-year limited warranty. Only the name has been changed! Flow Guard features proven engineering, including added thickness to offer even greater strength and longevity. That's why we have the confidence to extend our warranty to 50 YEARS!

Flow Guard Gutter Covers bring real peace of mind to homeowners around the world who need a gutter protection system that really works the first time and every time. Flow Guard keeps debris out of gutters, allowing nothing but water to flow freely through the gutter system.

Install Flow Guard Gutter Covers (it's easy!), and put an end to gutter cleaning. Imagine, no more dangerous trips up the ladder! You'll lower your maintenance costs, and decrease the hassles. Even better, Flow Guard installation won't void your roof warranty, and it won't decrease the appeal of your home (yes, the house pictured here has Flow Guard Gutter Covers installed; click here for an even closer look, and we think you'll agree it's a great-looking house).

Learn more about Flow Guard Gutter Cover Systems, and you'll see our commitment to value, quality, and our customers. And then place your order today!

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