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FlexxPointPro Gutter Cover Systems, LLC

FlexxPoint Gutter Covers LLC is owned and operated by a Viet Nam War veteran and his family. The company is a small hands-on venture that is fast becoming the leading USA manufacturer of premium grade aluminum gutter covers. We manufacture our Flow Guard Gutter Cover products in-house at our Huron, Ohio manufacturing facility, and ship them direct to contractors and homeowners across the country.

"The last gutter cover you will ever need, guaranteed!"

We manufacture FlexxPoint Gutter Covers with the best quality aluminum available.

Flow Guard Gutter Covers are manufactured from the best quality aluminum available.

FlexxPoint is available in three colors: Matte aluminum, white, Brown, and Thermal Thaw Black.

Flow Guard Gutter Covers can be ordered in any of four colors: Matte Aluminum, White, Brown, or Thermal Thaw Black.

White FlexxPoint Gutter Cover Corner

Creating corners is a snap since the drainage holes offer a handy guide for your tin snips.

FlexxPoint Gutter Covers installation instructions

Installation of Flow Guard Gutter Covers is easy. And all installation hardware is included! All you will need to complete the job is a cordless drill/driver with a 1/4" hexhead driver; tin snips; a ladder; gloves; and safety glasses.

Now with stainless steel screws!

Made in USA
Viet Nam veteran owned company

Flow Guard Gutter Cover Systems


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Flow Guard mounts permanently and securely to the front lip of the gutter system and mounts directly into the fascia board with provided fasteners. Once installed it will never have to be removed again; it becomes a permanent addition to your gutter system. Flow Guard gutter covers will NOT void roof warranties. Other products that slide under shingles will void most roof warranties.

Our unique 3-Point design prevents water overflow and potential foundation damage by acting as dams and slowing water flow over the cover allowing full drainage into your gutters, even if covered by wet leaves and debris.

Flow Guard gutter covers will never clog. Flow Guard's 3-points allows airflow by elevating wet leaves and other debris off of the cover surface, preventing leaves and other debris from sticking on the cover. Over time, light winds and other natural elements simply blow away dried leaves and debris.

Flow Guard Gutter Covers are easy to install pdf file even if your gutter system includes high-profile brackets. FlexxPoint Gutter Covers, LLC backs its product with a 50 year product defect and performance warranty pdf file, We offer factory direct manufacturer pricing!

Flow Guard Independent Testing Results

Leaf Entry/Blockage Twig Entry/Blockage Pine Needle Entry/Blockage
Flow Guard100% Flow Guard 99-100% 97% (no water flow reduction)
Popular Competitors 90% Popular Competitors 75% Popular Competitors 86%
Wire Mesh 0% Wire Mesh 0% Wire Mesh 48%
Obstructed Water Flow: 20.1 inches of water per hour when covered with wet leaves (20 foot section). Still 1.5 times greater than the world record.
Clearing of Debris: Most dry debris is cleared from the surface with a 5mph breeze. When wet, debris is removed with a 21mph wind speed.
Strength: Excellent durability.


Flow Guard Facts

  • Comes in 4' lengths for easy transport and installation
  • Does not go under the shingles of the roof which eliminates any possible damage to either
  • Does not void your roof warranty
  • Once installed, never has to be removed again; becomes a permanent part of your gutter system
  • Will add years of life to your gutter system
  • Only water will enter — absolutely no debris
  • Gutter will remain free-flowing for water
  • The water capacity greatly exceeds U.S. record rainfaull amounts and will take on any amount of rainfall nature can give, guaranteed
  • Manufactured with the best quality aluminum; will never rust or distort, guaranteed
  • Performs well with any roof material or roof pitch
  • Filtration system keeps working 100% even when covered by wet leaves and debris
  • Flow Guard is installed on top of K-Style gutters
  • Two versions of Flow Guard are available, one specifically designed for use with high profile gutter mounting brackets

The 3-Point Flex System

  • Allows for easy installation pdf file
  • Allows for expansion and contraction associated with temperature changes
  • Allows for air to travel through the gutter system to help keep out mold and mildew and assist any debris on top of the gutter cover system to blow off more easily
  • The points keep debris from laying flat on the gutter cover system
  • Allows for easy alignment when installing, ensuring that you keep a straight line
  • Helps water control by ensuring that when water hits a flex point it is diverted into the gutter system