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"The last gutter cover you will ever need, guaranteed!"


Please read our "About Flow Guard" page first. You may also find the brief list of Frequently Asked Questions at right to be helpful.

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FlexxPoint Gutter Cover Systems, LLC
912 University Dr. S.
Huron, Ohio 44839

PHONE: 419-433-3022
FAX: 419-433-9688


Made in USA
Viet Nam veteran owned company



Q: Can I buy Flow Guard Gutter Covers for my home?
A: Yes. The 5" Flow Guard Gutter Covers are engineered to fit typical residential gutters. Note that gutter measurement is from outside edge to outside edge.

Q: Are Flow Guard Gutter Covers available for business or industrial buildings?
A: Yes. We manufacture 6" commercial systems. Note that gutter measurement is from outside edge to outside edge.

Q: Can I buy Flow Guard in large quantities?
A: Yes! While our website offers packages of the most popular quantities, we're happy to fulfill large orders. Just contact us to discuss your needs and for pricing.

Q: Can I install Flow Guard Gutter Covers myself?
A: Yes. Installation is quick and easy (instructions and installation hardware are provided), and Flow Guard ships in easy-to-handle 4-foot lengths.

Q: What if I have high profile gutter mounting brackets?
A: Flow Guard offers a version specifically designed for easy installation on gutters with high profile mounting brackets.

Q: Do I need any special tools or equipment to install Flow Guard Gutter Covers?
A: All you will need is a cordless drill/driver with a 1/4" hexhead driver; tin snips; a ladder; gloves; and safety glasses.

Q: Does your product have a warranty?
A: Yes. We offer a 50-year limited warranty on our gutter cover systems. You can read the warranty on our "Order Flow Gard" page, or you can download a copy here pdf file

Q: Do you really ship for free?
A: Yes! We offer free shipping, including residential delivery, in the continental United States.